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Artist: Luis Alberto Ruiz

Title: Vented Vat, El Dorado, Out-Look, Impala Towers, Angel, Stone Labyrinth, Orquidea Negra

Country: Belize

Artist: Michael Gordon

Title: Painted Pontiac

Country: Belize


Artist: Ken McMillan

Title: Untitled

Country: USA


Artist: Chris Roantree

Title: Gallery

Country: England


Artist: Michael Stokes

Title: Untitled

Country: England

Artist: Kjetil Berge

Title: Tower

Country: Norway


Artist: Winslow Craig

Title: Suicide, The Watcher

Country: Guyana


Artist: Adrian Barron

Title: Caprichos

Country: England


Artist: Santiago Cal

Title: Girl in Pond, Joust

Country: U.S.A.


Artist: Anne

Title: Mirage

Country: U.K


Artist: Belinda

Title: Slavery

Country: Taiwan


Artist: David Ruiz //Andrew Zimmern

Title: Invasion

Country: Belize - U.S.A


Artist: Douglas White

Title: Weeping Willow, Burned Cohune

Country: England


Artist: Graeme Hughes

Title: Chippendale

Country: England


Artist: Sam Llewellyn

Title: Untitled

Country: U.K


Artist: Theodore Ereira-Guyen

Title: Crater

Country: U.K

Artist: Yasser Musa

Title: Jukurrpa

Country: Belize


Artist: Aurelio Lebrato

Title: Xibalba

Country: Uruguay


Artist: David Ruiz

Title: Millennium

Country: Belize


Claimed by Nature


Artist: Tim Davis

Title: Returned Parquet

Country: Wales


Artist: Stephanie

Title: Mammoth

Country: England


Artist: David Marin

Ttile: La Gota “the drop”

Country: Guatemala


Artist: Ian Steadman

Title: Green House  

Country: England


Artist: Owen Bullet

Title: Dawn Chorus

Country: England


Artist: Paulo Penna

Title: Untitled

Country: Brazil


Artist: David Ruiz

Title: Hanging Lamps, Millennium

Country: Belize

Artist:      Designed by Luis Alberto Ruiz and built by students of the Benque Viejo Town primary schools.

Title: The Cube

Country: Belize


Artist: Manuel Piney

Title: Downtown

Country: Venezuela


Artist: Poustinia Land Art/Vilma Romero

Title: Cultures 

Country: Belize


Artist: David Stewart

Title: Bubble Wrap

Country: U.K.


Artist: Don Small

Title: Barbados Tree

Country: Barbados

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