POUSTINIA Land Art is an outdoor gallery for both ephemeral and permanent art; a place where the beauty of human inspiration can be contemplated within the beauty of nature.

Poustinia Earth Art was a former cattle ranch with an area of 100 acres, is situated 2.5 miles off Benque Viejo del Carmen, Belize, on the Mollejon Road.

Trails meandering through the park lead the viewer to unexpected art stations, it is like treasure hunting in a gigantic maze. The art pieces are either sited sculptures or land art depends on the extent the artist manipulates the site. Poustinia is the place where the spirits of the ancient Mayas still live, and the Mayan mounds are evidence of the history of the site. Poustinia is also about the ornamental shrubs and trees introduced during the cattle days and the native vegetation and also about the wildlife that frolics under the trees.

Poustinia Land Art invites artists who are interested in doing a Residence at the Park experiencing the solitude and inspiration the place provides, and in turn contribute an art piece.

Art enthusiasts and nature lovers are also invited to stroll the peaceful trials of Poustinia and to appreciate the art exhibit in the forest; view the remains of ancient Mayan mounds; bird watching; learn about medicinal plants and or just for the sake of trekking.

Located in the Park there are two cottages for rent for persons or groups who desire to spend some time at the park and enjoy the pleasures of a simple life.

Luis Alberto Ruiz (Architect)


Countries of Participating Artists.