Residence for artists


Poustinia Land Art hosts guests who are involved in one way or another in the world of art. Poustinia has been visited by the New York Times where it was featured in their June of 2004 edition; by the Travel Channel who also feature Poustinia Land Art in their programme “Bizarre World” in which the host Andrew Zimmern participated, with local, students in developing the art piece “INVASION”. The National Geographic has listed Poustinia Land Art in their magazine Intelligent Travel among the ten best Sculpture Parks in the World. Poustinia Land Art Park is also featured in the travel guide book, lonely planet

Poustinia Land Art has the pleasure of inviting artists, students of art and art groups who are interested in a Residence at the park. The Residence includes spending time at Poustinia Land Art experiencing the solitude of the forest and assimilating new inspiration. Visiting artists are required to contribute an art installation that should coexist harmoniously with the natural environment.

One of the conditions for engaging in the project is for the art piece to endure the passage of time, like the ancient Mayan mounds on site which have become an intrinsic part of the landscape. Decay of the elements should be a gradual process that is barely noticeable for those who are permanently around the place.  The art piece should eventually become an integrate part of the ecosystem.

Poustinia has high profile visitors such as art collectors and other art enthusiasts who visit Belize. Any contributed art piece at Poustinia then becomes a source of creativity as well as a showcase for other artists locally and internationally.

Poustinia Land Art Park collaborates closely with the image factory in Belize City and, interested artists are invited to mount an exhibition in this gallery where there is always the opportunity of further commissions of promoting and selling prints.

Requisites for Engagement & Participation: 


In order to merit engagement in Poustinia Land Art Project, the participating candidate should contact Poustinia Land Art Park and send his or her portfolio and names of contacts who can recommend the artists for consideration.

For further information please contact: