Visit Poustinia Land Art Park

Visits to Poustinia Land Art are preferred to be by appointment.

Monday – Friday

Benque Viejo Del Carmen House of Culture from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. (Opposite the Centennial Park)

The House of Culture is located at # 64 St. Joseph Street. Telephone number is 00-501-823-2697.

Saturday – Sunday:

2 Corner of Wyatt and Kennedy Streets. (Opposite the New Market Plaza)

Telephone number is 00-501-823-2123

Entrance Fees: US$10.00 per person and US$7.00 for Belizeans

Children under 11 years of age when accompanied by an adult enters free.

Children when part of a school group regardless of age pays BZ$2.00.

Visitors are given a map of Poustinia Land Art (per group) when purchasing their ticket, additional maps are sold at BZ$1.00 each.

Art Tours are offered for an additional fee of BZ$50.00.

Botanical and Medicinal Tours by a Mayan Shaman are offered for an additional fee of US$50.00.

Art Tours and Botanical Tours should be arranged at least one day ahead of time.

Bring binoculars, camera, and guidebooks for birds, trees, orchids etc.

Wear sturdy footwear and clothing meant for hiking

Bring insect repellant (basically during the raining season)

Stay on the paths; do not pick flowers or fruits without permission

Do not damage or try to re-organize any of the sited sculptures.

Go with a guide if you are unfamiliar with the jungle and stay with your group

Take water with you, and food if necessary, but do not leave any garbage behind- take it all out with you.

Walk quietly, without talking loudly or racing around- look and listen!

The park is easily accessible from Benque Viejo by taxi cabs which run from the village of Arenal to Benque Viejo Town.

Benque Viejo Del Carmen, the nearest town, has 8,000 inhabitants.  It counts with the modern amenities of a growing community including a public health center, a police station, supermarkets, vegetable market, banks, ATM’s, WI-FI, fast-food outlets and restaurants.  It is convenient for grocery shopping and for accessing family and friends via internet – email, VOIP, or cell/mobile phones. There are regular taxi cab running to and from Benque Viejo or vehicles for hire.