Environmental Art in the Jungle

Where Artists Meet Nature

(Benque Viejo Del Carmen, Belize Central America)

POUSTINIA LAND ART is an outdoor gallery for both ephemeral and permanent art; a place where the beauty of human inspiration can be contemplated within the beauty of nature.

ARTISTS from four of the seven continents have met at Poustinia Land Art to produce art in the landscape. At Poustinia Land Art, artist and nature interact; once an artist completes their piece, nature takes over gradually engulfing and transforming the artist’s work into a part of the ecosystem.

THE art at Poustinia Land Art is harboured within an area of 100 acres, complete with trails and resting areas. It is a peaceful place appropriate for meditation and contemplation of the wonders of nature and the beauty, creativity and imaginative spirit of humanity. Ancient Mayan mounds abound in the site, and is the habitat of different species of birds and other wildlife.

POUSTINIA LAND ART aims at the preservation of the rain forest by promoting an innovative form of art that is interactive with nature. All proceeds from visits goes into the maintenance of the park.